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Royal Mail Royal Mail Scots Poetry Competitions 2009
Three new Scots poetry competitions for three age groups

Could you make up a line in Scots like ‘a drookit dug daein the dishes’? What about ‘a bonnie bubblyjock that bides in a baffie’? Could you a draw a picture to go with a line like these?

Do you think you could write a poem in Scots about an animal like a moose or a cuddie or a puddock or a hoolet or a tod or a troot?

Could you take a photograph of a scene of Scottish life like Edinburgh Castle, the Armadillo, the Falkirk Wheel, a local river, a football stadium, a dog, a sandwich, the view from your bedroom window, your mate’s trainers or just of yourself? And could you write a monologue in Scots inspired by the photo?

Itchy Coo has teamed up with the Scottish Book Trust Royal Mail Awards 2009 to create three exciting new Scots poetry competitions.

Closing date: 30 October, 2009. For full details, download the competition packs below or click here. Contact if you need more information.

Wee Words (0 – 7 years) 
 Wee Words Scots Poetry Competition Pack (195 Kb)

Bards and Beasties (8 – 11 years) 
 Bards & Beasties Scots Poetry Competition Pack
(120 Kb)

Photie (12 – 16 years) 
 Photie Scots Poetry Competition Pack (126 Kb)