What you are saying about the Itchy Cool competitions and projects.


'I contacted Itchy Cool at the end of last year about my dissertation on Scots and that I was going to try teaching Scots on my final BEd 4 placement.
I thought I'd let you know how things when on placement.  I've had a fantastic time teaching Scots!  The children and I had so much fun and it worked really well.  Initially, we discussed Scots words/phrases that the children already knew and I was amazed at all the words and phrases that they gave me.  We then focused on "Myself" - taking ideas from the Letham project - ma bodie; writing description - "Guess who?"; clothes and colours.  I also had the children translating poems/songs from Scots to English and vice versa.
At the beginning, the children were conscious for their spelling, but after we talked about spelling words the way they sound, the children were much more confident and I have some fantastic pieces of writing, including poems.
I even had some children making attempts to write their PowerPoint presentation on Robert Burns in Scots!
As one of my lessons for my tutor visit, I planned a DARTs reconstruction activity - I had children reconstructing "The Three Wee Pigs" from sections into the complete story; my middle group had "Snaw White" and made a paragraph from sentences and my other group were making sentences from word cards from "Wee Reid Ridin Hood".  The lessons couldn't have gone any better and I passed - both tutor and school seem very happy.'
Fiona Buchanan, student teacher


nterestingly, wan o the laddies in ma cless said tae me that his mither hid told him no tae speak like that as it's jist slang and disnae sound guid.  We hae exchange teachers every year frae
. Wid their parents tell their bairns no tae speak in Swiss German? No likely!!'
P7 teacher, Central Scotland

Birdies & Beasties Competiton

'It created a lot of discussion and the activity was great fun.'
P3/4 teacher, Craigie PS, Perth & Kinross

'Children really enjoyed learning the Scots words and giving character to their creatures.'
P3 teacher, Mossneuk PS, South Lanarkshire

'Great competition. This entry is by one of the least able in the class and it is a fantastic piece of work.'
P1 teacher, Letham PS, West Lothian

'The class really enjoyed this activity and it was a very effective way of bringing Scots language into the curriculum.'
P3 teacher, Kincaidston PS, South Ayrshire

'Lots of fun.'
P3 teacher, St Margaret's PS, Falkirk

'Children loved doing this.'
P2 teacher, Stanley PS, North Ayrshire

'The children enjoyed this activity. Hard to choose one.'
P2 teacher, Broomlands PS, North Ayrshire

'Great idea but only found it yesterday. Look forward to the next one!'
P2 teacher, Woodpark PS, South Lanarkshire

'Fun and easy competition - great discussions.'
P4 teacher, Shieldhill PS, Falkirk

'Good link with Scots language, easy to enter lots of discussion with children.'
P3 teacher, Shieldhill PS, Falkirk

'Children enjoyed discussing names of animals and what they looked like using Scots language.'
P2 teacher, Fenwick PS, East Ayrshire

'They loved doing this. I am now called 'crabbit'.'
P4/3 teacher

'The children loved this lesson and I feel that it is a start of many lessons on Scots language!'
P1 teacher, St Ninian's PS, South Ayrshire

'A great competition which the children loved - a fantastic learning opportunity for Scots language.'
P3 teacher, Parkside PS, Scottish Borders

'Jordan, the class winner, is from South Africa originally and seemed to really enjoy learning the Scots words.'
P3/4 teacher, Castlehill PS, North Lanarkshire

'Itchy Coo books are great. Inspired children. Loved Scots language animal names.'
P1 teacher, Melrose PS, Scottish Borders

'The children have been working on adjectives, so Birdies & Beasties was a great activity - thanks!'
P2 teacher, St Andrew's PS, Orkney

'Very enthusiastic, enjoyed finding out and using Scots words.'
P2 teacher, Newport PS, Fife

'The children really enjoyed taking part in this competition.'
P3 teacher, Reay PS, Caithness

'We have over 20 languages in our school and every term the whole school focuses on a new language. We all try to learn some words and information about each language. This term we are all learning Scots. There is a great website called Language of the Month where we found video clips and word lists to help us but there was no Scots. So we were happy to find Itchy Cool.'
EAL teacher, Langside PS, Glasgow

'I like learning Scots's fun.'
Kharm, P5, Langside PS

'I'm a braw artist.'
Kalsoom, P5 Langside PS

'I know Tamil and I know some Scots now too!'
Gowthan, P4, Langside PS

'When people get my name wrong, they say SHAHEED and HEED is a Scots word! It means 'head'!
Shahid, P4, Langside PS

Banks, Braes & Bogles Competition

'The kids have enjoyed looking at some of Burns' and enjoyed trying to illustrate his words.'
P6 teacher, Shieldhill PS, Falkirk

'The children loved this task and enjoyed learning all about Tam o Shanter.'
P4 teacher, Shieldhill PS, Falkirk

'Pupils enjoyed this activity and had fun discovering Scots vocab.'
P5 teacher, Shieldhill PS, Falkirk

'The class winner attempted to include the various words from the phrase in her picture. A great effort from a P5.'
Teacher, Crosshouse PS, South Lanarkshire

'Pupils found activity enjoyable and were keen to participate - interesting way to promote Scots language - great website.'
P5 teacher, Caledonia PS, North Ayrshire

'The children thoroughly enjoyed thinking about and drawing using Burns as a stimulus.'
P7 teacher, Caledonia PS, North Ayrshire

'The children enjoyed learning about the meanings of the words and also about how the poet felt. They are looking forward to our Scots project. They were enthusiastic about using Scots words.'
P5 teacher, Hill o Beath PS, Fife

'Class enjoyed listening to the quotes from the various poems and discussing the meanings of the Scots words.'
P5 teacher, Fenwick PS, East Ayrshire

'Great competition, extending work already done on Scots language. Hardest part was choosing only one entry.'
P7 teacher, Pulteneytown Academy PS, Caithness

'The children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and it has been a good stimulus for some Burns work.'
P4-7 teacher, Ollaberry PS, Shetland

'Children loved taking part in this competition.'
P5-7 teacher, Pinwherry PS, South Ayrshire

'The children loved taking part in this competition which was included as part of a topic on the Scots tongue.'
P5 teacher, St Patrick's PS, South Ayrshire