Bonnie Coo Scroll Puzzle

Help pit oor bonnie coo back thegither

INSTRUCTIONS: Start scroll puzzle by clicking on the image on the right or link below. Click 'Start' on the game console. Choose a number of 'Shuffle moves' and type your number directly into shuffle moves box highlighted here in yellow. Click on 'Mix puzzle' and you can begin! Click on 'Show numbers' if you need extra help.
Start Bonnie Coo Scroll puzzle

Blethertoun Rovers Heid-puggler

Jouk the jigsaw pieces roon tae find oor fine fitba team

INSTRUCTIONS: Start the heid-puggler by clicking on image on the right or link below. Click 'Start' on the game console. You can rotate each piece by clicking on them as many times as you need. Once the piece is rotated drag it into the main picture. Click on the main image and the outline of the jigsaw pieces will appear to help you.
Start Blethertoun Rovers Heid-puggler