2007 Eejits Competition

Writing in the Scots Language for P5 - P7
Whit a clossach o brilliant Eejits competition entries has come tummlin in tae the Itchy Coo offices this year.

When we asked ye back in September on Roald Dahl Day tae think up some new characters like Mr & Mrs Eejit, we had nae idea ye wid come up wi hunners o weel-written wunnerfu descriptions wi sae mony bonnie (and sometimes pure boggin) illustrations.

Mr & Mrs Braw, Mr & Mrs Crabbit, Mr & Mrs Wheesht, Mr &Mrs Dunderheid were aw great ideas. Some o ye tried oot double-barrelled names like Mr & Mrs Fair-Forfochen, Mr & Mrs Baldy-Heid, Mr & Mrs Bonnie-Fantoosh. And some o ye introduced us tae the haill faimlie, for example, The Peeliewallys, The Bauchles, The Muckles, The Hackits and The Manky-Mingers.

We had Mr & Mrs Swick fae Alford Primary in Aberdeenshire, Mr & Mrs Bowfin fae Lochnell Primary in Argyle and Bute, Mr & Mrs Barkit fae Claypotts Castle Primary in Dundee, Mr & Mrs Glaikit fae Kirkinner Primary in Dumfries & Galloway, Mr & Mrs Sonsie fae Darvel Primary in East Ayrshire, an interesting fictional character cawed Jacob Stramash fae Bonally Primary in Edinburgh, The McAyes fae Mearns Primary in East Renfrewshire, Mr & Mrs Dumpie fae Stenhousemuir Primary in Falkirk, Mr & Mrs Fantoosh fae Donibristle Primary in Fife, Mr & Mrs Wee fae Milton Primary in Highland, Mr & Mrs Gyte fae Bonnyrigg Primary in Midlothian, The Glumshies fae Stanley Primary in North Ayrshire, The Mixter-Maxters fae Kirkmichael Primary in Perth & Kinross, Mr & Mrs Mankie fae St John Ogilvie Primary in Renfrewshire, Mr & Mrs Keek fae Sandford Primary in South Lanarkshire, Mr & Mrs Doon fae Riverside Primary in Stirling, Mr & Mrs Mingin fae Langlee Primary in the Scottish Borders and Da Heidicraas fae Olnafirth Primary in Shetland.

Wi 184 entries fae 125 schools in 18 local authorities and wi aw the entries bein that guid, oor judge Maureen Watt MSP had an awfie time pickin oot jist 3 winners. Ainly efter a very lang time wis she able tae decide on 3 lucky schools. Maureen wid like tae pass on her congratulations tae the aw the pupils that took pairt. And we wid like tae thank Maureen for giein time oot o her busy schedule tae pick oor three winners.

The Winners

1st Place

Oor best Itchy Coo congratulations go tae the 1st place school in the 2007 Scots Writing Competition - Collace Primary in Perth & Kinross. Special muckle congratulations as weel go tae Linnet McGregor in P7 who wrote the winning entry and oor thanks tae Mr Drew, the class teacher. 

The Tapsalteerie family are sae heelstergowdie it confuses you tae leuk at them. They walk upon the ruif like a lot o wee flees. They fluir wis such a midden acause things kept fawin oot o their pooches. In their tapsalteerie wee hoose, cobwebs growe on the flair, and the family even growe heelstergowdie. Their attic is doon the stair. The dug ne'er sheucht its bane in a hole, ayewis in a bing. The birds that fly past their hoose even turned heelstergowdie. 
The bairns ayewis had tae nail their desks tae the ruif at schuil, and the haill family live aff upside-doon-cake, even the wean! The bairns ayewis went up a slide, never doon ane. They sleepit on the ruif, like a lot o wee bats! 
Whenever they wanted tae read a beuk, they took it aff their tapsalteerie bookshelf and read it - heelstergowdie!

2nd Place

Weel done tae Whitehills Primary in Whitehills in Aberdeenshire. P4/5's lively description of Mr. & Mrs. Scunnert has won them 2nd place in the 2007 Writing Competition and a half class set o Geordie's Mingin Medicine. Thanks tae Mrs MacKay for all her help.

Mr. and Mrs. Scunnert were aye scunnert wi' a'thing on their pig ferm.

Mr. Scunnert hated muckin' oot his stinkin' soos an' he wis aye skitin' in their sotter. The missus wis fed up tae the back teeth wi' him comin' in clertit wi' dubs an' dirt on his breeks. Fit a sicht. She got affa crabbit wi' him.

She jist couldna' stand it ony mair sae she took it intae her heid tae see if gan tae the heilan' dancin' wid help.

Weel, afore he gid tae pit on his kilt he washt his oxters an' dichtit ahin his lugs and made sure a' the gollachs were oot o' his hair.

Mrs. Scunnert wis fair amazed. Baith o' them hid something tae clean themsels up for ilkae wik so they were mair like Mr. and Mrs. Sonsie noo.

3rd Place

And last but nae wey least, congratulations to P6X at St. Peter's Primary in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire for winning 3rd place in this year's competition. Weel done tae Owen Graham who wrote the winning piece, Mr & Mrs Nebby or The Nebby Neeburs. Owen has won a selection of Itchy Coo books for his class tae enjoy. Oor thanks go tae Miss Lennox for all her support.

Mr and Mrs Nebby are an awfy nosey pair

They live next tae ma granny, jist up the stair

Mr Nebby's goat the langest neb in the hale o' the toon
He's goat tae ken yer business, the nosey lang nebbed loon

Mrs Nebby has beady wee een that dinnae miss a trick
She aye kens whit ma granny's up tae - it gets richt on her wick

They've both goat muckle lugs that can hear the drap o' a pin
Ma granny disnae get nae peace - the puir auld yin

They stare oot o' the windae and poke their heids ower the wa'
Ma granny's got sae scunnered she moved in wae ma maw!

Special mention

Mr & Mrs Baldy-Heid, Sidlawview PS, Dundee

Mr & Mrs Bonnie Fantoosh, Slamannan PS, Falkirk

Short Leet

Awfie weel done tae the schools that made it ontae the short leet. Maureen Watt felt that these entries deserved special mention. We sent out a special prize tae the follaein classes: P7M, Brackens Primary, Dundee - The Neebours o Haver Drive P6A, Sound Primary, Shetland - Da Lichtsome Family P4, 5, 6, 7, Lochgoilhead Primary, Argyle & Bute - Mr & Mrs Manky-Minger P7A, Abbey Primary, North Ayrshire - Mr & Mrs Itchy Coo ('no relation')

Lang Leet

And finally a special mention for these schools which got as far as the lang leet. Weel done. P7A, Meethill PS, Aberdeenshire - Mr & Mrs Fair-Forfochen P7, Maud PS, Aberdeenshire - Bonnie Beckie & Peeliewally Peter P5, Sidlawview PS, Dundee - Mr & Mrs Baldy-Heid P6/7, Troqueer PS, Dumfries & Galloway - The Peeliewallys P5/6, St Sophia's PS, East Ayrshire - The Muckles P7A, Oxgangs PS, Edinburgh - The Blethers P7, Mearns PS, East Renfrewshire - The Scots Family Carnaptious P6, Slamannan PS, Falkirk - Mr & Mrs Bonnie Fantoosh P5A, Torbain PS, Fife - The Bauchles P7, Auchtermuchty PS, Fife - Mr Drookit P7, Falkland PS, Fife - Mr & Mrs Beld P6, Milton PS, Highland - Mr & Mrs Auld Muckle Crabbit P7, Stobhill PS, Midlothian - Mr & Mrs Skinklin P6A, West Kilbride PS, North Ayrshire - The Hackits P7, Kirkmichael PS, Perth & Kinross - The Wheeshts P7, Kilbarchan PS, Renfrewshire - Mr & Mrs Crabbit P7, Blackwood PS, South Lanarkshire - Mrs Maggie Broon P5G, Melrose PS, Scottish Borders - Mr & Mrs Dunderheid P5/6, Halyrude PS, Dumfries & Galloway - Mr & Mrs Braw P6B, Sound PS, Shetland - Da Clushit Family P6N, Bells Brae PS, Shetland - The Glaikets